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Mar 14, 2019

I get lots of questions from folks interested in agricultural law.  What majors should I consider in undergrad?  What courses should I take in law school?  What does an agricultural lawyer really do?  What are your best tips for someone interested in law school?

I rounded up some of the best in the business to answer these questions. I'm hoping that by offering different thoughts and perspectives, this episode will be helpful in illustrating there really is no one path to a career in agricultural law.

We've got two practicing attorneys.  Cari Rincker, a Pace University School of Law alum, owns her own law firm with offices in Illinois and New York City.  Amber Miller is a partner at a law firm in Lubbock, TX and went to law school at Drake University.

Next up, I interviewed Jennie Zwagerman, a law school faculty member at Drake University who is the incoming Director of the Drake Agricultural Law Center and works in career services.

We wrap things up with a current law student, Austin Vincent, who is in his second year at Texas Tech University.

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