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Sep 19, 2019

I've been trying to get J Pete Laney on the show for years, and today we made it happen!  He's here to give us a rundown of some of the key bills coming out of the 2019 Texas Legislative session for Texas agriculture.  From hemp to feral hogs, brackish groundwater to rollback taxes, J Pete gets us up to date on the new laws you need to know!

Contact Info for J Pete Laney


(phone) 512-473-0404


Links to Topics Mentioned on the Show

- Text of HB 1325 (hemp)

- Text of HB 2845 (wind leases)

- Blog post on wind lease bill

- Text of HB 1743 (rollback taxes)

- Text of SB 317 (feral hogs)

- Text of HB 722 (brackish groundwater)

- Text of HB 191 (disposal of pesticide containers)

- Text of HB 3557 (drones & critical infrastructure)

- Text of SB 14 (electric co-ops & broadband)

- Text of HB 1079 (ports to plains highway)