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Dec 11, 2018

Welcome to our Second Annual Ag Law Year in Review!  My friend Paul Goeringer, Extension Ag Law Specialist at the University of Maryland joined me once again to look at the biggest ag law news from the past 365 days.

From Syngenta to dicamba, air emissions to electronic logging devices, we cover it all!


Contact Info for Paul Goeringer


(Twitter)  @aglawpaul




Links to Topics Mentioned on the Show

Background on Syngenta litgation

- Blog post on Syngenta Proposed Settlement

- Paul's webinar featuring Drew Kershen

- Lawsuit decision requiring air emissions reporting

- EPA announcement that emissions reporting not required

- Groundwater as conduit blog post

- North Carolina nuisance lawsuit summary

- Podcast episode on NC nuisance lawsuit with Jake Parker

- Amended NC Right to Farm statute

- Texas Right to Farm statute

- Agriculture Exceptions and Exemptions to the FMCSA Rules

- Summary of dicamba litigation

- Dicamba podcast with Kelly Nuckolls Winslow

- Article on new dicamba label requirements