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Jul 22, 2021

Our friend J Pete Laney is back for a Texas Legislature Recap as has become tradition.  J Pete and I talk through several key bills related to agriculture introduced in the 87th Texas Legislature.  It's always fun to chat with J Pete and get his on-the-ground knowledge about what's going on in Austin.

Contact Info for J Pete Laney


(phone) 512-473-0404

Links to Topics Mentioned on the Show

J Pete's prior podcast episode 

HB 365

Blog post on HB 365

Article on HB 365

HB 2730

HB 4107

HB 3833

HB 1480

HB 1070

SB 760

Blog post on wind bill from 2019 session

HB 5

HB 222

HB 2004

SB 1118

HB 3081

HB 3948

HB 316

SB 1145

HB 2652

HB 3619

SB 152


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