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Jun 22, 2017

I am excited to have Alice Kilborn on the show, my first guest who is a fellow University of New Mexico School of Law alum!  Alice has a wealth of experience in both human resources and employment law, so she was the perfect person to talk to us about legal issues related to hiring and firing employees.  Alice gives us a number of "best practices" for employers to consider implementing in their own businesses.

Alice has a degree in political science and a law degree, both from the University of New Mexico.  Prior to law school, she worked in human resources for a bank and loved that area so much, she decided to attend law school with the intent to do employment law.  She has worked in an employment law firm, owned her own employment law/human resource consulting business, and is now headed to an employment firm in Washington, DC.

Alice and I discuss important employment law concepts like at will versus contractual employment and what groups are considered protected classes.  She offers a host of best practice tips for writing job descriptions, interviewing, writing offer letters, drafting employee handbooks, and handling termination of an employee.

When asked about a law she would like to see changed, Alice said she wishes that private sector employers would be allowed to offer comp time in lieu of overtime pay for employees, like governmental employers are able to do.

Finally, as a Taos, New Mexico native, Alice recommends Orlando's in Taos.  It is locally-owned and she recommends a cold beer and carne adovada.


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(Twitter) @alicekilborn


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