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Jun 8, 2023

Two of our favorite law professors are back!  Jesse Richardson and Anthony Schutz join me to give us an overview of the ruling in the Sackett v. EPA.


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May 25, 2023

California's Proposition 12 hearing has reached a ruling.  Beth Rumley, Senior Staff Attorney at the National Agricultural Law Center joined me to explain what the rulings were and when they go into effect. 


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Apr 27, 2023

Access to Property and Landlocked Property is one of the topics that comes with the most questions. Be sure to listen in as Cassie Gresham talks to us about access to property and landlocked property myth-busting!


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Apr 13, 2023

Water Laws in Texas can be more complicated than you realize. Selling land with Water Rights? Leasing Water Rights from someone? Join us as Jason Hill covers these questions and more when it comes to Water Law in Texas. 


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Mar 30, 2023

Have questions about Carbon Markets? Interested in learning more about the Carbon Industry? You do not want to miss this episode! Listen as Dr. Jordan Shockley explains what the Carbon Industry is and where we can go for more information. 


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