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Nov 27, 2018

One of my favorite sessions at this year's American Agricultural Law Association Conference was titled "Consumer Impact on Livestock Production."  I was so excited when one of the speakers, Brianna Schroeder, agreed to join me on the podcast to discuss this really interesting and important topic.

Looking in particular at the dairy and poultry industries, Brianna and I walk through certain production practices on the farm that have been driven by various consumer demands.  For example, many dairy producers are now selling milk under contracts that may require certain animal care standards on the farm or may limit the type of feeds that may be given to animals.  This issue is broad and impacting livestock producers across the country and across various industries as well.

We walk through some of the common terms that are popping up in contracts including animal care standards, insuring only non-GMO feed for cows, greenhouse gas emission requirements, limitations and reporting requirement on the use of antibiotics, requiring egg operations to go cage-free and more.

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Links to Topics Mentioned on the Show

- American Agricultural Law Association Conference in Portland, OR

- Guidebook to Understanding Milk Supply Contracts (This document is not available online, but Brianna has kindly offered to mail copies if you email her requesting one).

- Blog post discussing litigation challenging CA and MA laws related to egg production

- Article detailing California Proposition 12

- Article on Iowa law regarding conventional egg requirement