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Oct 23, 2018

How can horse owners protect themselves and their operation from liability in the event an injury occurs? 

My friend Alicia Meinzer is an attorney in Weatherford, Texas who practices in equine law and is a horse owner and enthusiast.  When I thought about doing this type of podcast, she was the first person to come to my mind.

As Alicia explains, she likes to think of risk management of building a brick wall to protect her clients from liability such that if one brick falls, the remainder of the wall does not crumble.  Bricks we discuss include liability insurance, liability releases, the Farm Animal Liability Act, and potential business entity creation.

I feel sure you will enjoy Alicia's practical knowledge and advice on this important topic for all equine owners!

Contact information for Alicia Meinzer

(Phone) (817) 596-4200




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