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Oct 11, 2018

One of my absolute favorite agricultural law topics is Right to Farm statutes.  In fact, I wrote my law school paper on this topic nearly 10 years ago.  I like to say, I did Right to Farm before Right to Farm was cool!

Today, my friend Ashley Ellixson joins me to talk all about Right to Farm statutes.  What are they?  How do they apply?  What are some key terms in statutes across the country?  We cover all of this and more in this podcast episode.


Contact Info for Ashley Ellixson

(Email address) aellixson@UDAZ.ORG



Links to topics mentioned on the show

National Agricultural Law Center Right to Farm law compilation

- "Understanding and Interpreting Right to Farm Laws"

- Texas Right to Farm Law blog post

- Ag Law in the Field Podcast with Jake Parker (NC Nuisance Litigation)