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Aug 17, 2017

In early August, I traveled to College Station to meet up with three of my favorite ag lawyers, Jim Bradbury, James Decker, and Kyle Weldon.  We had a great session at the Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course in College Station.  We titled the program "Ask an Ag Lawyer" and basically just answered people's questions on water law, oil and gas law, eminent domain, estate and succession planning, fence law, and property issues.  There were 150+ cattle producers in attendance and they had wonderful questions that made the program really interesting and (hopefully!) useful for the participants.

Today, on the podcast, we recap that program including our favorite questions, best stories, and some of the most important issues addressed.  From how to deal with an aggravated neighbor to property tax valuation issues to questions about groundwater rights, this podcast gives a great overview of some of the issues that ag lawyers love to chat about.

After the program, we adjourned to the Dixie Chicken, ate Tijuana Fries, listened to classic country, and talked all things ag law on the porch.  I am certainly grateful to have the opportunity to work with these guys who are great legal minds and even better people!

Lastly, all three of my guests today have been on prior podcasts.  Kyle was Episode #2 talking about law school, Jim was Episode #3 discussing Waters of the United States, and James was on Episode #8 focused on settling estates.


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