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Aug 3, 2017

Today, we are in for a treat.  Pat Dillon is our guest to share some of his best true stories from his small town Iowa law practice.  Pat's law office is located in Sumner, Iowa, population 2,000.

After attending Iowa State University, serving in the Army, and graduating from Drake University School of Law, Pat moved back to his hometown to practice.  One year out of law school, he opened his own firm and has never looked back.  He focuses his practice on agricultural law, criminal law, probate work, real estate issues, and tax law.

On this episode, he shares some of his best stories.  From a rapper who murdered his grandmother, to citing the Bible in legal briefs, to a con-man gypsy, Pat has seen it all!  As I told him, he is the only ag lawyer I know to us "I've got to go to jail" as a reason to get off a conference call.

He offers great advice to young attorneys looking to start their own practice and shares some wisdom that he's learned (some the hard way) over the years.

When asked about what law he would like to see changed, Pat had two.  First, he wishes that Iowa would go back to their ban on fireworks that was recently removed.  Second, he thinks that the Rule Against Perpetuities is important and wishes that states that have done away with that would go back and reinstate the Rule.

Finally, he sticks with his Irish roots and recommends the Irish Shanti in Elgin, Iowa.  He recommends Guinness on tap and the Gunderburger--made with a POUND of locally-sourced Iowa beef.

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